PRIMUSE LIVE is a company with extensive experience in concert and festival.

Specializing in organizing regional and worldwide tours for artists. Acting as a tour promoter, they make employment offers to artists and distribute shows among their portfolio of clients. PRIMUSE also assists artists in expanding their tours to different countries.

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KISUM is The Global Ecosystem for Music Industry

an danalytical tools by seamlessly gathering data from numerous platforms and delivering insightful results promptly. This enables users to make well-informed decisions more effectively and efficiently.

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P.CLUB Card is more than just a membership card

it is a passport to an exclusive world. With it, members can immerse themselves in unparalleled luxury and indulge in meticulously curated experiences.

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FIVE ELEMENTS AGENCY specializes in crafting customized marketing

and advertising solutions, catering to a diverse range of industries. Our goal is to establish a comprehensive full-service agency that collaborates closely with clients to meet their specific marketing needs.

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CRESCENDO is a division under the Primuse Group, which organizes high-level classical concerts.

At Crescendo, we extend our services throughout Asia with a firm dedication to share the captivating allure and emotive impact of both classical and contemporary music with our audiences. Through meticulously curated concert experiences, whether it’s a ballet performance, a classical orchestral concert, or modern classical compositions, our team of seasoned professionals works tirelessly to ensure each detail is impeccably executed.

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