A New road of the music Industry

Primuse is a company focused on revolutionizing the music industry through

Over the years, our team has organized more than 2000 shows worldwide.

We have a presence in 8 countries across Asia, including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines.


Primuse is a music industry company and a vertically-integrated approach. They operate across live entertainment, venue management, ticketing, marketing, and more. They've also developed an app to connect music industry stakeholders globally, improving efficiency and data analysis for added value.

Business Strategy

Through vertical integration of our business, we are involved in various music-related domains.

Music Festival
Marketing Promotion

Music Industry

Due to the enormous potential for growth in the music market in the coming years, we have opted to collaborate and establish strong partnerships. This approach allows us to enhance our performance and expand our presence effectively. Through strategic joint ventures and shared structures in various regions of Asia, we gain increased influence and strategic advantage in the industry.

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.



01 Prime

What is Prime Experience? what does it mean? and how can it be delivered?. At Primuse we define Prime Experience as “the process that can be put in place in order for the customers to feel like they’ve had an excellent and unique experience”, delivering what’s called “Experience Excellence”.

02 Music

Music is often thought of as a twin sister to language. Whereas words tend to convey ideas and knowledge, music transmits emotions. But music does far more than communicate. When witnessed in person, with other people, it can create powerful physical and emotional bonds.

03 Experience

One of the most connecting elements between artists and their audience is the experience. Let’s put it in another way – most people that listen to music do that because they’re searching for some kind of experience, which helps them to escape their life routine for a length of a song, album or a show.

Professional Teams

An exceptional team with expertise in concerts, festivals, events, production, design, advertising, and marketing. Quality solutions for the entertainment industry. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Market Expertise

With deep market knowledge and extensive experience, we provide the best customer experience tailored to your needs. Trust our insights and solutions to exceed expectations and ensure success.

Financial Strength

Thanks to our expertise and strategic partnerships, we have achieved a solid financial foundation, enabling us to have a strong market position and seize growth opportunities confidently.

Accommodating the complexity of entertainment industry

We are affirmative that we are able to accommodate the complexity of entertainment industry with our activities that covers:

Primuse Live: Touring Music, Festival
Five Elements Agency: Marketing Promotion
Kisum: App, Venues, Web 3.0
P Club: App, Venues


Team of specialists

Meet our professional team members who have experience in the industry for years.

Marco Rios


Dimitri Montalto


Svetlana Zelanova

Head Of Touring

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